Celltick Technologies Ltd.

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Celltick Technologies Ltd.

Celltick has pioneered mobile home screen marketing and turned it from a crazy vision into a roaring commercial success. Our end-to-end mobile marketing service, LiveScreen, is now deployed by over 50 mobile operators worldwide, used by 133,000,000 users and generates more than 200,000,000 transactions each month.

Celltick was founded in the year 2000, when mobile phones were dull devices, used almost exclusively for making calls. We imagined differently. We saw how the mobile phone becomes a center of media consumption; and we identified a huge opportunity: turning the phone's home screen (or idle screen, as it was called back then) into an interactive space, where content, services and products are promoted and accessed. A decade on, the entire market now shares our vision.

Celltick teams up with mobile operators and creates for them home screen media as a fully managed service. We do the set up, buy the equipment, source the content, recruit advertisers, operate the service - and share the revenue with the operator. To make all this happen, we have become the center of a thriving international ecosystem, that brings together content providers, advertising agencies and technology providers.

A rapidly growing company, Celltick employs hundreds of people and has offices throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the US.

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